We are specialized in translation engineering.

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We make full use of a detailed knowledge of translation and products, advanced technology for computers. We take a lead in technology field of IT translation and localize service.

We provide support for translation process (except for translation) by engineering. Our clients are companies or organizations running translation business including translation companies or translators.

“We are confident that we provide significant benefits for clients who wish to make translation process more efficient, faster with lower cost.”

Making translation and localization process faster with low cost by engineering is our mission.

1. The key to realize speed-up

It takes a lot of time and cost to develop tools or systems for translation process, and it’s difficult to deal with all different translation data using them.

We first decide the translation process flow, and then develop an optimum program as soon as possible to start translation process. The program doesn’t have a regular interface and it is nor for a regular use, but it achieves significant reduction of time before starting the translation process.

2. Achieve maximum effect with minimum cost

Developing our own program tailored to your needs has more advantages than just speeding up the process. Even if the target translation data changes, we can rewrite the program to save the cost.

Consult us before spending huge cost for developing translation process systems.

3. Check automatically

Your translation will be checked automatically by our program and tools. For example whether it complies with style sheet or whether the terms are used correctly.  It is more accurately checked than being done by human.

We refine the current tools and develop programs to accomplish these.

We also develop tools or systems in response to requests from clients.

Engineering for Automatic Processing

Our business contributes greatly to improvement of your profit.

The more target languages you handle, the more advantages we can give you.