GroupShare 2014 SP2 Cumulative Update 4 がリリースされました。


  • The Translation Memory list could not be retrieved from within Studio if a user had access to multiple thousands of TMs in GroupShare.
  • Fixes in the TM update batch task settings:
    • Users can now decide if to use the SDLXLIFF user metadata, the GroupShare login or the TM User ID to update Created by and Changed by system fields.
      When working with GroupShare and selecting TM User ID, we use the GroupShare login unless the TM User ID was changed and does not match the currently logged on user on the local windows machine.
    • Fields are no longer replaced in translation unit in translation memory when confirming a segment populated from TM during interactive translation.
  • Newly created translation units during interactive translations now correctly store the GroupShare login
  • Improved robustness of the Cumulative Update installer when IIS and some services are not installed



GroupShare 2014 SP2 Cumulative Update 4